The Way Toward Health (Jane Roberts)

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The Way Toward Health

“In September 1984, the voice that had spoken for one of the most profound and prolific metaphysical teachers of the 20th century fell silent. Seth, the entity who described himself as an ‘energy personality essence no longer focused in physical matter,’ had spoken exclusively through Jane Roberts since 1963. During the long illness that led to her death, Jane continued to channel Seth from her hospital bed, but this final work was left unfinished. Now, in The Way Toward Health, Jane’s husband, Robert Butts, shares with us the intimate story of Jane’s final days, and the exquisite teachings that Seth gave during that time.

In an examination of the miracle of life in a human body, Seth speaks about:

  • Why medicine and therapy often perpetuate illness
  • How the practice of naming diseases can work against us
  • The influence of religion in creating disease
  • How children’s health is influenced by parents’ beliefs
  • Humor as an effective factor in healing

‘Do not think of the mind as a purely mental entity, and of the body as a purely physical one. Instead, think of both mind and body as continuing, interweaving processes that are mental and physical at once. Your thoughts actually are quite as physical as your body is, and your body is quite as nonphysical as it seems to you your thoughts are. You are actually a vital force, existing as a part of your environment, and yet apart from your environment at the same time.’”

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