The Way Toward Health (Jane Roberts)

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The Way Toward Health

“In September 1984, the voice that had spoken for one of the most profound and prolific metaphysical teachers of the 20th century fell silent. Seth, the entity who described himself as an ‘energy personality essence no longer focused in physical matter,’ had spoken exclusively through Jane Roberts since 1963. During the long illness that led to her death, Jane continued to channel Seth from her hospital bed, but this final work was left unfinished. Now, in The Way Toward Health, Jane’s husband, Robert Butts, shares with us the intimate story of Jane’s final days, and the exquisite teachings that Seth gave during that time. Continue reading…

The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression (Jane Roberts)

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The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression

“From the best-selling author of Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality:

Seth, speaking exclusively through Jane Roberts, reveals a startling new concept of self, answering questions about the secret language of love, human sexuality, the real origins and incredible powers of dreams, and how we choose our physical death—sometimes years in advance.

For the first time Seth explains why love is the basic language from which all others spring; the bisexual nature of humanity and its biological and spiritual importance; the true basis of homosexuality and lesbianism—along with their private and social affects; the benefits of recalling our dreams and consciously participating in them; how dreams can prevent chronic illnesses by providing important therapeutic information; simple exercises you can do to expand your awareness of the deeper portions of your psyche and stretch your abilities to their fullest potential. Continue reading…

Wonder (R.J. Palacio)

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“’I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.’

August Pullman was born with a facial difference that, up until now, has prevented him from going to a mainstream school. Starting 5th grade at Beecher Prep, he wants nothing more than to be treated as an ordinary kid—but his new classmates can’t get past Auggie’s extraordinary face. Wonder, now a #1 New York Times bestseller and included on the Texas Bluebonnet Award master list, begins from Auggie’s point of view, but soon switches to include his classmates, his sister, her boyfriend, and others. Continue reading…

Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm (Nicole Daedone)

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Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm

“The truth is: Most women do not have satisfying sex lives. Slow Sex can change that.

Better sex is about one thing: better orgasm. This life-altering guide teaches men and women how to use the practice of Orgasmic Meditation—or OM—to slow down, connect emotionally, and achieve authentic female sexual satisfaction. The promise: In just fifteen minutes every woman can become orgasmic. And, with the right partner and the right technique, that orgasm could last and last! Continue reading…