Banking Beyond Men (Melissa Cuturich)

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Banking Beyond Men

Banking Beyond Men will open your mind to the unjust actions of Bankers, the ones we do not suspect and the people we trust with our financial futures and that of our families.

We take you through the history and culture of Banking as you discover that not much has changed and that we do not really understand the documents we are actually signing. The stories are based on true events and only names have been changed, however all have had a successful outcome even after they were made Bankrupt and lost everything. Its these matters that have lead to the formation of programs and workshops to educate woman how to take responsibility and control of their financial future while remaining supportive and nurturing to their families.

We explain the unknown about the banking culture as we prepare you for the undisclosed events that may occur in any economic climate.

Life can be overwhelming no matter what part of the Globe you call home, it is even harder when you sign documents without understanding the language used to manipulate you into a debt that you may not be able to handle. Many times woman sign documents to support their partners out of a sense of duty or obligation. You hold the key to actually surviving when the Banks decides to call up their loan, which they can at any time without notice to you.

Banking Beyond Men provides you an easy to understand explanation of the many Policies and Procedures that Banks disguise in their documentation and a banker never truly explains.

This Book is an introduction to a system that was created centuries ago and has remained the same, only modernized for today’s society. Now we will follow through with a series of books to provide viable solutions for everyone to avoid an Abuse that is never spoken about.

We are all private about our financial affairs however we trust a stranger as we sign documents that this stranger instructs you to. Don’t be left at the mercy of a stranger.

Take responsibility and control of your Life.”

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