The Solution To Social Anxiety (Aziz Gazipura)

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The Solution To Social Anxiety

“Are you held back by shyness? Do many things seem out of reach due to social anxiety? Many people have settled into thinking this is just how life is… ‘This is just the way I am.’ However, nothing could be further from the truth.
In this inspiring, breakthrough book, Dr. Aziz guides you along the path out of social anxiety and into greater confidence in yourself. You will discover what is keeping you stuck in shyness and learn exactly what to do in order to break free.

After suffering from social anxiety himself for many years, Dr. Aziz became determined to find a way to social freedom. His deep understanding if what creates the social fears, shyness, and limitations, displays just how much he gets what it feels like to be shy.

The first part of this book focuses on understanding the problem. You will discover exactly why you feel social anxiety in a variety of situations. This section teaches you about the deep underlying beliefs that lead to your fears, and you will learn the single belief that is beneath all shyness. In this section you will also understand why you have that continual fear of, ‘what will they think of me?’ that can be so limiting in social anxiety. you will also learn about your inner critic, which is actually a much bigger drain on your confidence than any situation or person outside of yourself.

The second portion of this book focuses entirely on the solution to social anxiety. Dr. Aziz starts by describing social confidence as the way out. Social confidence includes a feeling of relaxed freedom around others to be yourself without the self-criticism and judgment that are so common in shyness.

You then go on to discover the 3 major steps of breaking free from shyness and social anxiety. These are:

  • Know who you are
  • Accept yourself—all of yourself
  • Take bold action

This book is by no means academic or aloof. It is full of practical tools and techniques that you can start using today to improve your confidence and free yourself of social anxiety and social discomfort. In addition, Dr. Aziz provides numerous engaging stories from the work he has done with clients, and from his own life, to illustrate how to use the techniques to forge a path to freedom. He is refreshingly authentic and honest about what it feels like to be shy, which can provide you with a great sense of relief in itself.”

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