On Being Human (Erich Fromm)

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On Being Human

“Social psychologist Erich Fromm observed the spread of alienation in the 1960s, arguing that humans who were once dynamic, creative beings were reduced to fixating on TV screens, emotionally paralyzed by anxieties over threats like nuclear war. Though we may stare at different devices and worry about other dangers today, his insights are as useful as ever, and allow us to gain perspective on the human condition.

A collection of his writings on ‘New Humanism’ and the need to reclaim our happiness and peace of mind, this is a thoughtful, fascinating overview of the past that shaped us, and the philosophies and practices that can ensure a better future, both for ourselves and for the world at large. Included are reflections on thinkers from Karl Marx to medieval Catholic mystic Meister Eckhart, as ‘Fromm’s large, keen mind and attractive, likable voice [strive] for heart as he asks himself the hardest questions of his day’ (Kirkus Reviews).”

New Books Playground says: On Being Human is a fantastic book relating to what it means to be, human. We enjoy reading Mr. Fromm.