How to Be a Man: A Father and Son Guide (Derek Gillette)

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How to Be a Man: A Father and Son Guide

“Perhaps you know of a new father, or you’re one yourself. This book is a great starting point for dads who are looking to form lasting relationships with their children, but aren’t quite sure where to start. It’s an easy read, can be finished in a weekend, yet has enough practical depth to be referred back to from time to time. 

Let me tell you more about the motivation behind why I wrote the book:

There is an epidemic sweeping the globe of disengaged and distant fathers. The result is a generation of young people unprepared for the real world, and unequipped to succeed.

It is easy to blame this on the fathers, getting angry with them for not trying harder, and many wives do take this route. But the root cause is deeper than a lack of effort. At the root of their disengagement is a profound lack of confidence in what they have to say or teach.

This is where How to Be a Man: A Father and Son Guide comes in. It is an easy to digest, quick to read guide on how to raise sons (or daughters) of high character. But unlike other ‘how-to’ books, this is not a step by step formula. The book focuses instead on over 30 character traits that are essential to succeeding as a man. The chapters are conversation starters, initiating real relationship between father and son.

So join me in the revolution: Fathers and sons connecting and succeeding in a world full of brokenness.

How to Be a Man: A Father and Son Guide is crafted for those with short attention spans and busy schedules.

Trust me, your sons want to learn from you. They need your attention, even if they pretend to hate it. This book gives you talking points to build a real and honest relationship together.”

New Books Playground says: How to Be a Man: A Father and Son Guide is a great, inspiring read.