A Technique for Producing Ideas (James Webb Young)

A Technique for Producing Ideas: Learn more at Amazon or at Goodreads.

A Technique for Producing Ideas

“This is the original version of Young’s seminal work on creativity. It offers practical advice on idea creation from an advertising industry icon who was inducted into the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame, and served as the First Chairman of The Ad Council. It examines the creative process and ways to produce ideas for everyone from copywriters to artists.

This version has been custom-formatted for Kindle and checked for typos. It includes an interactive table of contents.”

New Books Playground says: A Technique for Producing Ideas introduced us to some nice little ideas to generate: more ideas. Continue reading…

Mindfulness (Ellen J. Langer)

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“Ellen J. Langer, Harvard professor of psychology, determines that the mindless following of routine and other automatic behaviors lead to much error, pain and a predetermined course of life. In this thought-provoking book, her research has been ‘translated’ for the lay reader. With anecdotes and metaphors, Langer explains how the mindless—as opposed to the mindful—develop mindsets of categories, associations, habits of thought born of repetition in childhood and throughout schooling. To be mindful, she notes, stressing process over outcome, allows free rein to intuition and creativity, and opens us to new information and perspectives. Continue reading…

Imagine: How Creativity Works (Jonah Lehrer)

Imagine: How Creativity Works: Learn more at Amazon or at Goodreads.

Imagine: How Creativity Works

“Did you know that the most creative companies have centralized bathrooms? That brainstorming meetings are a terrible idea? That the color blue can help you double your creative output?

From the New York Times best-selling author of How We Decide comes a sparkling and revelatory look at the new science of creativity. Shattering the myth of muses, higher powers, even creative ‘types,’ Jonah Lehrer demonstrates that creativity is not a single gift possessed by the lucky few. It’s a variety of distinct thought processes that we can all learn to use more effectively. Continue reading…